Nasturtium Flower Salad with Microgreens


Let me be honest here–just because I’m studying holistic nutrition does not mean I like salads! At least, the cold, leafy varieties. Now, if it’s a warmed spinach salad with fried pancetta bits, you have my attention! It’s gotta be well over 90 degrees before a cold, raw lunch looks anywhere near appetizing. So I did something completely uncharacteristic the other day and willingly made a cold salad. I tossed some pea shoots (by weight, microgreens have exponentially higher amounts of nutrients than their full-grown counterparts!) and avocado bits on baby spinach leaves, and then sprinkled a few pink and red nasturtiums over it (which are high in Vitamin C), and suddenly, it looked a lot tastier. Maybe it was just the novel feeling of it all, but flowers make EVERYthing better, don’t they? And avocados and anchovy-laced dressing certainly doesn’t hurt. For any of you who have a garden or are interested in edible flowers, I highly recommend you buy some nasturtium seeds and try to grow them organically from seed next year! (Or is it still possible to grow them this year?) And FYI, nasturtium leaves are also edible! For more ideas on what to do with nasturtium flowers and leaves, check out this brief guide on Edible Portland.

[Image source: Myself]

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One Response to Nasturtium Flower Salad with Microgreens

  1. she-alex says:

    Haha, for me a ‘real’ meal has to be warm as well. But you salad looks yummy :-)

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